This is where I have been 

Spending some time warming the feet in the Hot Springs on the Middle Fork of the Gila River.

Hello, How are you doing. It has been awhile since I have wrote a blog. I have had a major life change for the better and have been busy getting set up and organized enough to sit down and do some work. 
First off Paula and I have moved to the Mimbres River Valley in Southern, NM. It is difficult to get internet service out here. My wonderful wife figured something out cause she is a super genius and I now can communicate again. For as long as I can remember we have talked about moving here and the day after Christmas 2017 we decided what better way to do that than to contact a real estate agent and start looking at houses. We found one, we hiked too much at first but now have a nice routine of 3-4 hikes at 5-8 miles per week. I found a job that works really well with my schedule so that I can continue hiking, composing, playing the guitar, and share the gift of music through teaching. That’s because my job is sharing the gift of music through teaching elementary music and a junior high guitar class. The job was posted on my birthday last summer so it really seemed to me the job was made for me. 
Second I had a major incident with a garage door plate smacking me in my face with a force that I am happy to say that I am here alive. It required a visit to the emergency room and a reminder that I don’t know how to do everything and should allow professionals to do what they do because they are good at it. I was out for about three weeks with that one.
Third I have recorded solo guitar music, 2 electronic albums, 2 folk albums 1 hard rock album, and two live theater pieces! It has been a lifelong dream of mine to compose a series of string quartets. I have started doing that this summer. I have had sketches and shared those in the past, these are going to be realized. I never want to put time on making art. Zodiac Strings was an idea right after I finished Space Travel that I thought would be quick and it took forever so maybe this I think will take forever will be over very quick. I have undertaken a study of the classical string quartet and it’s origins and will be sharing that and the music I discover from it in my blog. 
Fourth and this should be first, second, third, and fourth: is a reminder for what may seem like cruel times to some, be kind to everyone. We share this place together and need to learn to Share this Place TOGETHER! Peace Through Music 

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