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So it is starting to get warm again. I know we still have a couple more cold spells but the 60 degree weather outside is refreshing. With the coming of spring also brings on gigging season for live music. “Sunlight” has been hard at work in our time off. Which is a funny way to say it. Because is time off really time off when you love doing what you do? The hardest thing I had to do this holiday season was stay home and enjoy the time off. I am so excited by the projects I am currently working on I just want to go to work all the time.

The first thing that I am really excited about is family. I love my family even when they start getting kooky around the holidays. However, in January we welcomed a new member to the family. On the 18th of January 2017 at 1:22 in the afternoon our first grandchild came into this world. As far as Paula and I are concerned all family matters take precedent over all work matters, so we lost some time in January as the adjustment period for all the family members takes it's course. 

We run Chroma Studios which are art and studio spaces for artists and musicians like us to have a place to pursue their dream in and be surrounded by like minded people. We will celebrate 9 years in business in April and are working on finding a permanent home for the studios. I have not done this much math homework since I was a junior in high school. In college i had to take liberal arts math which taught me 2 things. 1. how to drive a garbage truck around a city without covering the same area ever and 2. all elections for political office can be counted however they need to be counted to produce the winner desired.

I am currently working on an album of solo guitar compositions. They have been brewed for 7 years and it looks like they are just about ready to harvest so I can perform, record, and share. Not to mention the String Quartet that I am working on and just about ready to find performers to bring it to life. My violin playing is not up to share in public status yet. Which leads me to talk about what this blog is about, “Sunlight”. 

“Sunlight” is a passion that Paula and I have come to share with the world. I have written songs my entire life and have a notebook full of songs that I was always waiting for the right moment for a singer to come into my life. My vocal skills are functional at best, I have always worked on it but my voice is the weakest of my musical talents. My strongest trait is my ability to create new and original music in a very quick manner. When I have an idea for a song. All the good ones are written in about 15 minutes and then there are all the great lines that will end up good ones with care and nurturing but they still lack something those 15 minute songs have which is unidentifiable but noticeable. Anyway, no bird walking Aaron. So I found a singer. Little did I know I had been married to her since 1997. I didn’t mention her art career, she has been a visual artist for over 25 years. Paula's dad was a huge record collector. This had a profound effect on Paula that you can read about in one of our earlier blogs. He passed away in 2008 and we performed Joni Mitchell’s “Urge for going” at his memorial service with her brother. On that day the performing bug bit Paula and we have been making music together since. 

So what is the point of all of this? Well, my point is we have worked long and hard to make a viable show for people to come out to see. We have many passions and focus on the ones that bring us the greatest joy. Why should you care? If you take the time to make your life what you want, it gives back in return. How can you support us? Come out to a show, dance, order a drink and a meal, tell the owner Sunlight brought you out and I will make this promise to you. Sunlight will perform for you as though they have been booked at Carnegie Hall.

Speaking of performing, we are playing at the Blue Grasshopper in Rio Rancho, NM this Friday night from 8-11pm! We would love to have YOU join us! Love and gratitude from Sunlight!

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