Miguel Romero

Today's musician Miguel Romero I met through my brother in law Travis Manning. They were in a band together at a time when I was in the middle of raising children. I would look forward to the next time NME came to town so I could hang out with people my age and talk about music. We spent many evening's after shows Downing really bad fast food as Del taco is the only thing open when the music's over and the band is hungry. Without further ado here is Miguel Romero.












When did you begin playing music? I started playing music about 8 years old 

What instrument(s) do you play? Guitar 

Do you come from a family of musicians? I do. My Mom played traditional spanish and flamenco guitar. and my Dad played folk and country music. 
My Uncle had an electric guitar and amp. he showed me how to play my first blues scale and bending strings as well as finger picking and the classical guitar standard Romanza.. 

Are you self taught or do you have training or a mixture of the two? Mainly self taught but i have had music classes in high school and college. 

How often do you practice I try to practice about an hour or two everyday. 

What was the first album you purchased?Def Leppard - Pyromania

Does it still influence you? How? i think what influences me still about it is the production. the guitar tones 
..the panning of the guitars and atmospheric intros etc. great album. 

What was the last album you purchased? 
Primus- Green Naugahyde 
nowadays I just pay the streaming music service fees 

What is the most bizarre thing that has been shared with you at a gig? 
not at a show but on tour.. Paul Lasorio in Tuscon..we had just got off the road and Paul took us to eat and he takes us to this russian butcher place. 
it was actually pretty good 

Do you have a favorite instrument? I've had a Gibson Challenger since i was 14.. i love that guitar. 
my favorite now is my Schecter Blackjack Solo II as well as my Alvarez nylon string. 

Does it go on tour? 
the gibson no.. all the others I take to play live. 

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