It's 2017 so now what

So 2017 is now here. Hmmm, still feels the same as every other year but it isn't. It is 2017 not 2016 where the craziest of political seasons occurred. It's not 2000 when the world was going to come to a halt as our computers freaked out on the date change. It's not 1972 the glorious year I chose to come into existence and enjoy the human experience. So what lies ahead, I don't know. It is the great mystery but when I have my way these are some of the awesome experiences I am going to have this year and many more that I cannot even begin to think about. 

First, Sunlight will be releasing our second cd "Shuffle". It is very appropriately named because of these reasons. 1. The instrumentation is going to be more of a traditional rock band, with vocals, guitars, bass, and drums, than folk duo. Because of this the songs have an energy to them that we hope to bring to some live shows as well. I will say that when you get the duo you get as much work as the band it just fits in the more the merrier category of life or a "Shuffle".   2. There is a variety of songs we have written which cover the whole gamut of music and we are getting anxious to share. Each song is like you are listening to a different band but your not. It's pretty cool and we are proud of that fact.  3.This is Sunlight's 5th year in existence and the goal for this summer is to travel the whole northern United States. Starting off in Arizona and going west to the coast. Up the coast to the northern border, across the northern US to the East Coast and down and back across to home. We will be on the road from late May until late August. We are starting to book shows now and will be filling in our calendar soon. We already know when and where we will be in the country so contact us if you would like to host a house concert while we are in your area. It's your own personal "Sunlight" show!

In case you didn't know "Sunlight" is Aaron and Paula's 4th business and there are some big events happening. 1. Paula, visual artist, is going to continue making the wonderful art that Manning-Lewis Studios was founded on. 2. Aaron Lewis, guitarist/composer, has figured out the space to share his guitar compositions and Sunlight music and will be doing both as part of 2017  3. Chroma Studios is celebrating it's 9th year in business and will be purchasing it's own building this year. We are excited of the possibilities for collaborations with artists and musicians in a community where we work in the same building together. This will allow a cross pollination of the arts that was part of the vision of Chroma when it started. In celebration of the 9th anniversary we are planning Chromafest on April 8th at the Cell Theater highlighting all of the great artists and musicians that we have gotten to know from a business that just came into existence for us and we are both grateful for. 

The final exciting thing that is happening is we are about to be grandparents. One of our sons is expecting their first child! Which brings an excitement as the great unknown is now here again. We welcome 2017 as it will bring a new family member, allow us to see so many of you and share experiences of laughter, joy and music. The photo below is from our trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. I had a moment to listen to some other musicians play. Life is Grand!  Happy New Year and may your blessings be many!

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