How do Ducks and frogs find their way into a musical conversation? 

I was sitting at my desk one warm afternoon. I was trying to figure out what my next piece of music was going to be. I usually keep a slide on my desk and for some reason on this day I picked it up and started blowing into it like a kazoo. The more I blew into it the more visions of a duck talking in the bar came to my mind. Then the name of the piece came to me "Conversation between a frog and duck at the lily pad bar"
Now there is not many samples of bizarre ideas to play with so I tried to paint a sonic scene of what this would look like if you were to witness it sonicly but not see it. So it starts walking into the bar. The instrumentation I chose was organ, bass, guitar, and claves and rattle. With the slide guitar being the duck voice and the bizarro voice being the frog. There are no effects on the frog or duck voices they were all made by me. What they are talking about is open to interpretation because who knows what ducks and frogs talk about.
As far as the music is concern the bass, organ, and guitar are all playing a do mi re melody in different keys. The percussion is random as the music is just supposed to be the background music in the bar, the conversation is the more important aspect of this composition. All of this was done with live instruments performed by me and released on my album Aaron and the Aliens" Planet one soundscapes not for virgin ears"

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