Happy Hump Day!

Hi all! Paula here. Happy Wednesday! I love Wednesdays, because today is band practice day. It's actually been over a month since we've held band practice, because of the holiday busyness. Though we are basically a musical duo, we have been playing with a drummer and bass player for over a year now. Unfortunately, schedules don't allow for our full band to play out at Sunlight shows. We hope that will change someday! The CD we are currently working on and getting close to finishing up, "Shuffle", is being recorded with the full band. Several of the new songs are more rock than folk. We like to call them "folk n roll". ;-) I am so excited to finish it and get it released! There are some really great songs on it that we rarely play live. Mainly because they aren't the same without the full band behind them.

Aaron has been working on booking local shows for Sunlight. We should have a few to announce very soon. We will be back on the road in March (Texas) and then again in May (Nationwide tour!). In the meantime, we will be playing local shows. If you follow us on Facebook, you can also catch a Facebook live show from time to time. Facebook Live has been a great way to stay in touch with our out of state fans, we hope you will join us!

Something we have really enjoyed in the past and plan to do more of this year, is house concerts! These are so much fun! If you are interested in hosting a Sunlight house concert, please let us know! All you have to do is invite a bunch of friends to a party at your house and we will provide the entertainment. We pass around the hat at the end of the evening and sell our CDs. No charge to YOU! In fact, you will most likely get a few gifts from us for being our host! Send us an email or a facebook message to set it up. We greatly appreciate it when our friends let us entertain their friends. ;-) We are also open to playing for schools and nursing homes, our goal is to bring the Sunlight with us wherever we go!

We are working on some new material for this year's shows. New originals and cover tunes. One of them is the first song I've ever written! I'm learning it on ukulele too. I cannot wait to get it down so we can share it with you! It's called "Shining My Light". There will be several new cover tunes too, not sure just yet what they will be. We're currently working on putting our 2017 set lists together and we promise to share them soon.

Until next time, may you have a wonderful day, filled with love and Sunlight!


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