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I wanted to start writing about independent musicians. So I did. The musicians I blog about are independent and are people I know personally either from growing up with them, meeting them in person in a professional capacity or I just have crossed paths and been a part of their musical journey. All of them have had an influence on me in one way or another. 

The first musician I will be writing about will be Guy Nix a Singer/Songwriter from Nashville. He is currently touring the West and will be in Rio Rancho Sunday June 4th at the BlueGrasshopper from 5-8 pm.

When did you begin playing music? 
I still don't consider myself a musician, especially where I live, but I began making noise on guitar when I was about nine years old. 

What instrument(s) do you play? 
Only play at guitar. I've dabbled on a few others, but can't come close to making music on anything but a guitar... 

Do you come from a family of musicians? 
Yes, I'm third generation singer songwriter. Both my Papaw, HF Nix and my Dad, Kingman Nix were involved with music. My Papaw could play anything with strings on it, and my dad sang and played guitar. Dad recorded some songs here in Nashville back in the early seventies, and played many years in a band around southern New Mexico. 

Are you self taught or do you have training or a mixture of the two? 
I had a few lessons as a kid, but mostly self taught, and always watching the people around me to try to improve. 

How often do you practice? 
Obviously not as often as I should on guitar, but I'm always writing lyrics in my head. I'm pretty fortunate that I play about as many gigs as I want to out here in Nashville, and just staying busy helps keep me "practicing" while getting paid. 

What was the first album you purchased? 
One that stands out is Keith Whitley's. 
Does it still influence you? Yeah, along with my family and several other favorites.. How? Well, I moved to Nashville seven years ago, so I'm quite sure it's never let me go. 

What was the last album you purchased? Sturgil Simpson. 

What is the most bizarre thing that has been shared with you at a gig? 
Let's keep this G rated. 

Do you have a favorite instrument? Yeah, I have a Takamine Santa Fe guitar, with the turquoise inlay's that I bought about seventeen years ago. 
Does it go on tour? 
Yes, it's my gigging guitar. And it's getting ready to head west for a run as I type this. 

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