Emilio Semihazah

When did you begin playing music? Love for music started as a baby child....i began playing the drums at 15 years young. 
What instrument(s) do you play? i play the drums...heartbeat of the world 
Do you come from a family of musicians? my uncle"s play music.  
Are you self taught or do you have training or a mixture of the two? i am self taught although i have learned from all the greats and legends. 
How often do you practice? I practice everyday for at least 4 hours on the drums...when i am at home i smoke weed, and listen to records...jam on my practice pad...my life is music 
What was the first album you purchased?  I believe it was red hot chili peppers..blood sugar sex magick

Does it still influence you? yes, of course....love the funK

How? the songwriting on that record is groovy. would like to say that one of my favorite artist's and albums...Jimi Hendrix..Electric Ladyland....masterpiece. 
What was the last album you purchased? LOgic~Everybody 
What is the most bizarre thing that has been shared with you at a gig? Groupies desires to share themselves with no conversation or knowledge of who I am as a person. They see you on stage and offer their bodies. That is a bizarre practice.
Do you have a favorite instrument? Drums. 
Does it go on tour? YEAH. YEah!!!!!!!!!! 

Emilio performs with Oldevils and, The Shine. 
Emilio has played with The Howlin' Wolves, Wasted Inc., Ghetto Blast, Charles X

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