3 miracles I witnessed because of music in one weekend 

I have always been attracted to music. Ever since I was a young kid I was fascinated by music, my favorite toy was the fisher price record player. When I was 7 or 8 my dad had to go to Germany for work and one of the healing things that occurred for me was he sent a cassette tape with his voice on it and some music. I would listen to what he had to say and then play the music he had sent. It was not a replacement but it did help heal me from missing him.
We recently had a trip that we took where we had stops and performances each night. On each night a different story was related to me and all stories had a musical healing in them. All stories were random and unexpected from the source they came from and out of ordinary conversation.
The first story. There was a woman who had gone into a coma. Someone she knew wanted to visit her upon hearing this but her location was undisclosed. He somehow managed to find out what hospital and room it was she was staying in. He went to her room and upon seeing his friend laying there in a coma he did not know what to do. So he simply grabbed her hand and started to hum not a melody just hummed. He left sad that his friend was in a coma. The next day he received word that she had come out of the coma. He went and visited her. She then told him that she had been lying in this void she knew she was in a void but had no idea what to do to leave the void. And then she heard humming and while it took her hours to find her way out of the void it was the humming that sent her back to consciousness. Humming to me is our primal music it had to be the first thing a human did on their discovery of singing.
Story No 2. We had finished a gig and were doing the usual stand around and share stories laugh and enjoy each others company. I became engaged with a woman who shared this story with me. The loss of color and back. There was this girl she had known who had attended a catholic school as a child. The school had an art assignment of drawing flowers where you make the circle and do the petals out from the circle and paint the petals a certain color etc. Well this child was an artistic child and had paid attention to flowers very closely and so some of here petals were big and some were small and some were white with a hint of purple or red or whatever aritstic choices the child felt it needed to make. This was not taken to kindly and the student was reprimanded by the teacher with a paddle or spanking. This spanking caused the child to not be able to see color for years. Then later on in life this child who had not seen color for years started playing the violin. As she started becoming a decent player on the violin she started seeing color again.
Story No. 3 A musician friend of mine was asked to play at a lunch party for a community organization working with indivduals with disabilities. He set up and played for a room of about 15 people. When he stopped he went around to each person and shook their hand and asked their name and said thank you for listening to his music. it was such an amazing experience just playing to them, but when he came to a girl in a wheelchair. She was obviously pretty low functioning and had to be pushed in her wheelchair. he started to shake her hand and introduce himself and the staff told me she doesn't speak..and before they could finish saying that she spoke up loud and said "Music" clear as day!

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