Sunlight what is it.  

Sunlight, what is it? Well, first off it comes from the sun . Within it's light, everything the sun offers is contained within.  So why sunlight for a band name? I(Aaron) am the primary songwriter and i am such a yuuuuge fan of music that the songs I write come in many different styles and is hard to define. One song may sound folky, while the next may have a rock feel, and then a country tune, and then some experimental weird stuff in other words if I were a sun and I sharing my music with the world I would be sending out my Sunlight. One of the greatest joys of Sunlight is we are a husband and wife. My wife Paula is the singer, ukelele, and ocarina player. When i write songs I naturally hears Paula's voice naturally fitting into the music, and then it is a matter of instrumentation. Aaron plays, guitar, mandolin, and vocals in "Sunlight". 
We have 33 of  tunes completed and ready to record for you. We have finished up our first album "Life is Good" which is available for purchase in our store here, wink, wink.  Life is Good consisted of 10 songs where we did a raw track together and then went back and did some stuff to fill it in. As we neared the completion of Life is Good we asked one of our friends who plays drums (Bill Nelson) to sit in with us for one song "I am". We worked very naturally with Bill and so when we started working on our second album we were anxious to ask him if he would play on all the tracks. He agreed  so we started the second album. 
The second album is titled Shuffle and has 16 songs going on it. I know I know I said we have 33 songs and the math on these 2 albums means 26 of the songs are recorded. With these 16 songs we have added a full rhythm section consisting of  Bill Nelson on drums, and Grant Garner on bass. When we complete the second album "Shuffle" we will start hitting venues and sharing our live show which has been silent while we figure out some things we want to do to give the best possible live show we can complete with flowers, and suns. We are putting together some ideas for a 3rd album but first thing we are going to do is some live shows to share with you.
The beauty of a Sunlight live show is you don't know what you will get. Will I get the full band, maybe if it's a full band venue, it could be a house concert,(don't know what a house concert is contact us we can do them at your house too!), you may find us busking on a street corner near you( Old Town, and Nob Hill Albuquerque on Friday evenings) you will be able to find out about it here first, and it will be the best performance "Sunlight" can give you.  We will be sharing practices with you here on our blog and we will also share with you other musicians you probably haven't heard of but should (in our humble opinion). Thank you for catching up with us and we hope to share our "Sunlight" with you soon.

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